Clinical Services

clinical servicesClinical Services assists children and adults with developmental disabilities to enhance independence and integration in the community. Person-centered approaches are provided by skilled professionals in the following domains:
Nursing:  Nursing is provided by Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.  Monitoring/assessing chronic and acute medical conditions, oversight of medical appointments, management of medication and providing health-related education.
Physical Therapy: Functional mobility training, general muscle strength/balance exercises, gait training, wheelchair clinic and pain management.
Occupational Therapy: Fine and gross motor coordination, visual motor, dexterity, range of motion, strength, adaptive equipment, proper lift techniques, splint fabrication, and ADL skills. 
Speech Language Pathology: Expressive/receptive communication skills and use of assistive technology devices. Assesses eating, drinking and swallowing and develops plans for proper food and liquid consistencies.
Dietician: Assessment, screening, menu planning, counseling for weight control and achieving healthy goals.
Psychiatry: General mental, emotional and behavioral health with appropriate medication therapy only as necessary.
Psychology: Assessment, testing, evaluation, counseling, and coping skill education.
Clinical Social Work: Therapeutic support for personal, interpersonal, domestic and environmental growth. 
Medical Director: Specializes in providing services to people with developmental disabilities.