Wellness Together Initiative

“Wellness Together: A Health & Wellness Promotion Program for People with Developmental Disabilities and the People Who Support Them”.

This wellness initiative grew out of a NYSARC NE Regional Collaborative effort on the part of 7 Chapters meeting to improve the health and wellness of the people we support as well as our direct support staff. Lauren Milavec, Director of Day Habilitation serves as chair of our Wellness Together Committee, comprised of self-advocates, direct support professionals, human resources, administrators and a member of our Board of Directors.

Recently, the Board passed a resolution whereas, the Wellness Together program will bring about a shift in organizational culture that will help people with developmental disabilities adopt healthier lifestyles while engaging staff and volunteers who support them to also participate in training experiences and opportunities.

Our kick-off training opportunity is “Let’s Bring Weight Watchers to Work”. These trainings will be offered to both employees and the people we support. The cornerstone of Wellness Together is that no one has to do it alone. People who engage in health matters with a partner are more likely to succeed in their health and wellness goals.

If you are interested and willing to partner with someone we serve, please speak with Lauren or Carlene. In addition, we invite you to submit other ideas and suggestions of Wellness Together activities that you would like the Wellness Committee to explore on your behalf.

Thank you,
Terry A. Tetlak, Executive Director

Questions/Concerns/Submit A Wellness Event

Please email the Wellness Together Coordinators at wellnesstogether@schohariearc.org