Board of Directors

The Chapter Board of Directors consists of four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary. The officers are elected annually and may then be re-elected to serve two more consecutive terms for a total of three terms. Directors serve two year terms and are elected on a staggered basis.

The following committees complete the organizational structure:

• Audit
• Executive Committee
• Budget and Finance/ Investment
• Personnel/Human Resources
• Incident Review Committee
• Nominating Committee
• Residential Real Estate Services
• Human Rights Committee
• Supported Employment Advisory
• Membership Committee
• Guardianship Committee
• Corporate Compliance/Ethics

2019-2020 Officers

Nancy I. Cooke, President
Lori Petrosino, Vice President
Raymond Paglieri, Secretary
Chris Stauble, Treasurer

Board of Directors:

Shaloni Winston, Executive Director
John Desanto
Peggy Kennison
Janice Gile
Assemblyman Christopher Tague
Sean T. Byrne
Steve Weinhofer
Maura Green
Julie Fancher

Foundation Board of Directors:

Shaloni Winston, Executive Director
Rebecca Brisley, President
Betsy Matthias, Secretary
Irmgard Buess, Treasurer
LeeAnn Arnold
Bonnie Bowes
Deborah Barrett
Deborah Byrne
Gail Chase
Nancy Cooke
Rose Corigliano
Julie Fancher
Annie Hay
Gregory Hurd
Wanda King


Shaloni Winston, Executive Director,