Day Habilitation Services

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Day Habilitation in Schoharie, NY

** All Day Habilitation Services require diagnoses of Intellectual and/or other Developmental Disabilities, and determination of eligibility by OPWDD and Medicaid. Day Habilitation supports are offered in the communities of Cobleskill and Schoharie at 'site based' facilities and throughout the county through 'without-walls' supports.

Site Based

These supports are an option for individuals interested in a menu of services offered in a facility based environment. Each person and his/her support team create a comprehensive and person-centered plan based on skills, interest and development needs. Enriched and highly trained staff offer individualized attention and maximum opportunities for consumers with significant disabilities and/or fragile health conditions. Activities are planned by the person and focus on community opportunities, volunteerism and inclusion as well as skill acquisition and participation in all aspects of daily living at the individual's highest level of independence. In addition, a full range of clinical supports is included in the menu of services as needed. These include nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services, psychology and psychiatry services. The combination of clinical and habilitation supports are coordinated to fully enhance each individual's wishes, desires and needs in a comprehensive and coordinated environment.

Without Walls

Without Walls

These services are provided primarily in the community for people who are interested in learning about their communities, building relationships and who may be preparing for a more independent life as well as employment. Without walls day hab supports are offered throughout Schoharie County in coordination with the Cobleskill and Middleburgh site-based service options. People who receive without walls supports are also eligible for clinical services and supports as outlined above.

Part time: It is possible to set up a part time schedule with any of the day habilitation environments. A number of people receive day habilitation services from home in conjunction with one of the established day hab service areas listed above.

For more information on Day Habilitation Services, please contact Lauren Milavec, Director, at (518) 295-8810, ext. 261 or email

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