Guardianship in Schoharie, NY

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In New York State, when an individual reaches 18 years of age, he or she is assumed to be a legally competent adult and able to manage his or her own affairs. Guardianship is a planning alternative that enables parents, relatives or a corporate guardianship program to act on behalf of the individual. Legal Guardianship can only be appointed through the Schoharie County Surrogate Court system.

This program offers families the assurance that future decisions which affect the quality of life of their relatives who have intellectual and other developmental disabilities are made in their best interest. Dedicated staff and volunteers assist the individual in making decisions about good health care, appropriate housing, day programs, and recreational services.

Our Corporate Guardianship Program provides services under a number of guiding principles, including:

  • Guardianship is a life-long relationship of trust.
  • Guardians advocate as ethical, caring, and competent family members.
  • Guardians promote independence in decision-making.
  • Guardians ensure that an individual receives the best services available to them.

For more information, contact Pamala Porter-Wilsey, Guardianship Coordinator at (518) 295-8130, ext 244.