Owned and operated by the Schoharie Arc, provides work opportunities to over 40 individuals with varying abilities. From our Schoharie, NY headquarters, TPI offers a wide range of manufacturing, production, packaging, and e-Commerce fulfillment services to an ever-expanding list of national and international business partners.

With over 40 years' experience, Toe Path Industries has earned a reputation for delivering quality products and services ... at market competitive prices, within budget, and on time.

From product manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and e-commerce fulfillment, our trained labor force, competitive rates, and commitment to providing high-quality services and timely delivery makes Toe Path Industries an outstanding choice for your outsourcing needs.

Why Outsource?

In general, a contract packager is chosen by a manufacturer when it is less costly and more efficient than packaging its product in-house. According to the Contract Packaging Association, there are many reasons a business might consider outsourcing their production, packaging, or fulfillment operations to a contract packer, including:

  • Limited equipment, expertise, or labor resources for a particular job
  • Geographically separated facilities could serve the product better for national distribution
  • Non-standard packaging requiring special machinery or labor-intensive work
  • Short-term requirements may be better served by specific experience or equipment they don't have
  • There's a warehouse full of a product that needs re-working to make it saleable

Toe Path Industries brings very specific expertise to the table ... we live and breathe contract packaging, production, and order fulfillment - all day, every day. Our customers turn to us to scale their packaging and production capacity to a higher level than they would be able to achieve on their own - quickly and without significant investment or reorganization.

A sampling of the contract production, assembly, and packaging services we offer, include:
  • Hi-Speed Precision Die Cutting
  • Shrink-Wrapping & Bagging
  • Point-Of-Purchase Display Assembly and Pre-Packing
  • Product Assembly & Kitting
  • Labeling
  • Collating
  • Separation/Grade-Sorting
  • e-Commerce both Direct-to-Customer Fulfillment and Bulk Packaged-to-Distribution
As a customer, you can count on Toe Path Industries to develop a plan that works for you. Building on time-proven techniques, we can create a custom solution for your unique needs.

What can you expect when you work with us?

QUALITY - Our workforce insists on getting it right, the first time, and every time. We'll share our experience with you, model your project, and if you're still worried about trusting 'someone else' with assembly, packaging, and shipping your product, ask us about our "quality guarantee".

AFFORDABILITY - We provide a cost-competitive alternative to doing the work in-house, in many cases assembling, packaging, and shipping your products in less time and at lower costs than you can internally.

ON-TIME DELIVERY - When we take on a project for you our commitment is simple ... we'll complete your job on time and always on budget!

SCALABLE WORKFORCE - Think of us as an instant extension of your workforce - ready, able, and willing that you won't have to go through the headaches of finding, hiring, and training! For large volume contracts, TPI maintains a vetted group of allied organizations that share our culture and values that we can call on to meet your production needs. And when we do, we'll monitor and guarantee their performance so you can focus on selling your products and growing your company.

MATERIALS WAREHOUSING - On-site and local warehouse access to store your product - securely.

RAW MATERIALS SOURCING - If you have a product that requires fasteners, sheet goods, fabricated metal or plastic components, or packaging, we can assist in the sourcing of these materials for you.

Would you like to speak with us about the production, packaging, or fulfillment operations of your company and ways we may be able to support and help grow your business? We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, from start to finish. Please call David DiNicola at 518-295-8130, ext. 220 or CONTACT US with an email to get started.

Commercial Product Manufacturing, Packaging, Sales and Distribution

TPI is also a member of the NYSID, Inc. New York State Preferred Source Network of Suppliers, and is a leading NYS producer and distributor of Floor Maintenance and Utility Pads, Feminine Hygiene Products, Batteries, Computer, and Office Equipment Cleaning Products, and Reflective Police and Emergency Vehicle Graphics and Marking Kits. We use only quality materials from several industry-leading suppliers in the manufacture/packaging of our products, including ACS/Treleoni, Energizer, Avery Dennison, Premiere Care Industries, ReadRight, and 3M. Today, products produced by Toe Path Industries and sold through NYSID, Inc. are being used in Schools, Correctional Facilities, and over 1,000 State and Local Agencies and Offices across New York.

Interested in learning more about the social and fiscal impact that NYSID's Preferred Source Contracts have and the employment opportunities created by these contracts for individuals with disabilities? Read this recent economic impact statement completed by the Rockefeller Institute of Government.